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"Jackknife" (Jack-Knife) accidents. What are they and how do they happen?

"Jackknife" is a term used to describe a common type of tractor-trailer accident. What happens in a jackknife is that the trailer pushes the tractor out of the way by rolling forward in spite of the tractor's presence. In short, the cart is going faster than the horse, and the horse gets pushed to the side. There are several types of causes for a jackknife, and one example is poor brake adjustment. Imagine a trailer weighing 30,000 pounds being pulled by a tractor/truck weighing 10,000 pounds, and imagine that the trailer's brakes are so poorly adjusted that they would barely slow the trailer down under normal conditions. In a panic stop attempt, with emergency braking, the light tractor is trying to stop the heavy trailer, and the heavy trailer just keeps moving forward, brushing the tractor to either one side or another, and slamming it against the side of the trailer. If this happens at a relatively low speed, the result is an abrupt and ugly stop, usually resulting in damage to only the truck. If, on the other hand, it occurs at a higher speed, the tractor trailer combination becomes a very heavy moving object under no person's control and subject only to gravity, momentum, road conditions and whatever happens to be in the way. If the conditions are right, the jackknife might end in a rollover. As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons for jackknife accidents, and many people get injured when trucks jackknife. If you or a loved on has been injured in a jackknife type incident, please give me a call at 518-533-5982 and tell me your story. Chances are that I can help.

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Capital Region Attorneys, Capital Region Lawyers, Capital Region Attorney At Law, Albany, NY Lawyers, Capital Region Attorneys At Law, Capital Region Lawyer
We hired Attorney Sherr for litigation with great results. His work is outstanding and to this day, he is my business attorney.
With my sincere thanks,
- - Mary A Busch

Dear Paul, I just want to take a few moments to express my gratitude for all the support and expertise you provided me in a situation I was certain had no solution. You were wonderful Paul. Thank you for my peace of mind.
- - Rose M.


I recently enlisted his help in a home owners insurance claim issue. He was very quick to get to the heart of the matter and had it settled in a very timely manner.
- - George and Carol Karlewicz


I needed advice about a financial problem, and I needed advice about bankruptcy. Attorney Sherr is accountable, thorough, and down to earth. I recommend him without hesitation.
- - N. Lowe

Paul Sherr made a difficult situation easy and understandable. I highly recommend his services. He took care of my case is a quick and efficient manner, while being generous with his time and fair with his fees.
- - Kathryn Levin
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